Sacred Movement – A physical journey into the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a deeply complex system of knowledge held in many cultures around the world.

“The Medicine Wheel reminds us of many things, such as the need for balance in the world, and the balance we must strive for everyday within ourselves.” ~ LILLIAN PITAWANAKWAT, ELDER

What I have learned and experienced as an Anishnaabe kwe resides in the very core of my being. The teachings of the medicine wheel have been at the center of my art and my professional work.

It would be a pleasure and an honour to share with you a physical experience rooted in the beautiful, nurturing and ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel.

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to relax, meditate and learn through the body. Beginning with a guided movement and leading to organic, free movement or dance, you are empowered to express your true dance. A breath-taking soundscape of drums, singing and contrasting silence facilitates your body’s journey.

I invite you to take this opportunity to move and discover with me! Email to register:

earthmovesme (at) gmail (dot) com


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