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Flying Beyond: Self Healing With Movement

Last Thursday evening I placed my intention on releasing some pain in a muscle in between my shoulder blades that I had been struggling with.  I agitated the muscle the week before when I slipped on an icy patch and fell! 

So during my Nia class in a few moments of freedance using Duncan Dance as inspiration, I carefully began undulating my spine.  I gradually placed more focus on the chest, shoulders and neck area – sensing the upper half of my spine where the cervical and thoracic meet.  Using head and eye movement, my hands and arms to dance my spine gently, breathing and relaxing into the movement I felt my upper back and shoulders open up and loosen. I reached into the air above me, explored space behind me.  The movement got easier, and felt so good.  By the end, I felt lighter, the tightness and pain was melting away.  By the next morning, it was gone…

I could have decided that I was in too much pain to move – I could have decided to just take some Ibuprofen and hope it will go away. 

In my last 3 years teaching Nia, studying and using movement as medicine, I have learned that stillness and ibuprofen have their uses certainly. In this case I did use them both wisely.  However, movement often is avoided and yet it is a powerful step in healing physically, mentally and emotionally. If you “Fly Beyond” fear of it and begin with love and gentle kindness to yourself.

Here is the music that danced me through:


Moving with the Winds of Fall

As the winds of fall blow and the colourful leaves dance off the trees, I reflect on my own self-care practice and renewal process.

Trees are not static or still, when the wind blows, trees move. They sway and dance. When they are healthy, they can survive gusts of wind by being able to bend and twist. It is truly remarkable how they manage the powerful kinetic energy of the air around us – I admire this agility!

For me, movement for wellbeing (exercise) isn’t just a side thought anymore. You know, an “extra” activity that I do only if I have time, energy or if I’m “in the mood” to do. It is in fact, the very key to my ability to handle all of what life blows in my direction.

Movement adjusts the atmosphere of my mind and body. The efficiency and performance of the brain and body is enhanced by combining creative freedom, precision and focus and clearing meditation. I am able to transform and release thoughts and emotions like leaves while bringing strength into my body at the same time. Any anxiety or stress I was feeling before has been managed. I finish my practice feeling balanced, flexible, and strong both in mind and body. I am better prepared for the winds of life!

I know that exercise and movement just feels like a chore right now.

I really know that akward and uncomfortable feeling in gyms.

I remember feeling frustrated and showing up “just to get through it” then questioning “Why am I even doing this?”

I invite you to experience your own self-care transformation and feel the amazing benefits of deep, fufilling and more connected body conditioning.

You’ll have a chance learn about my inspiring approach and recieve tools that can get you started!

The Inner Warrior / Yang

I recently noticed an area of growth within myself since beginning my journey with Earth Moves. I have begun to feel a deeper inner strength that is new to me.  Almost like a topcoat of paint on my confidence.  This endeavor has been full of lessons, some joyous and funny, others harsh and nearly crushing.  There are exciting times and scary times, but in the end I feel stronger – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Running my own business so far has been the most daring thing I’ve ever done – and those who know me can attest that I have done some things! As I am setting, achieving, tweaking my goals, I have leaned into this fire within me – tapping deeper into my “inner warrior” strength.  This is a time in my life where I am being challenged with “control” in many ways.  I have cultivated my own sense of solid support, a new foundation to hold me up during this process.

There has been a reconditioning of my focus, voice and reactions.  Looking back at my creative life, my years doing Improv Theatre, I felt a great deal of satisfaction in those same ways – which explains my urge to get back into the game after a long hiatus!  There is a part of me that loves this dance of mindful precision, quick thinking, and boldness in the face of the unknown.

What have you been doing lately to keep your “inner warrior” busy in a positive way?

Sacred Movement ~ 4 Four Part Series!

If you have ever wanted to learn more about the Medicine Wheel? This is a great opportunity to do that AND get moving!

In this 4 part series, you get a glimpse into the depth and practicality of the Medicine Wheel and learn how you can apply this knowledge to your health, career and relationships!  Even more amazing is that this series will get you moving at the same!

Don’t be shy, everyone is welcome!

The Body’s Way ~ 6 Week Nia Session!

Earth Moves is proud to bring a special 6 week Nia session to Serendipity Health & Wellness!

The intention of this class is to explore some of the beginning principles of The Nia Technique.  The focus of the first class will be on introducing you to the philosophy and some of the science behind Nia.  The next 5 sessions will include learning the basic 52 Moves of Nia and highlight principles such as: Joy in Movement, Dynamic Ease, Yin and Yang and Free Dance!

The Body’s Way series is just a small sampling of what Nia has to offer!

“Nia is like chocolate, words aren’t enough to describe it, you just have to taste it!”

Sacred Movement – A physical journey into the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a deeply complex system of knowledge held in many cultures around the world.

“The Medicine Wheel reminds us of many things, such as the need for balance in the world, and the balance we must strive for everyday within ourselves.” ~ LILLIAN PITAWANAKWAT, ELDER

What I have learned and experienced as an Anishnaabe kwe resides in the very core of my being. The teachings of the medicine wheel have been at the center of my art and my professional work.

It would be a pleasure and an honour to share with you a physical experience rooted in the beautiful, nurturing and ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel.

This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to relax, meditate and learn through the body. Beginning with a guided movement and leading to organic, free movement or dance, you are empowered to express your true dance. A breath-taking soundscape of drums, singing and contrasting silence facilitates your body’s journey.

I invite you to take this opportunity to move and discover with me! Email to register:

earthmovesme (at) gmail (dot) com