My name is Laura Reid and Welcome to Earth Moves!

What is Earth Moves all about?

Earth Moves is about reclaiming health and well being from a place of love!  Taking care of yourself holistically (body, mind and spirit) as you are TODAY!  Everything starts at the beginning.  Earth Moves encourages you to savour each step of your path.  When we match loving intentions with actions that are rooted in joy, the reward is pleasure!

“when the reward for what we do is pleasure, we’ll do it again and again, and no one will have to guilt us into it.” ~ Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator.

Sound good?  It really is!

Everywhere you look there are people making promises and guarantees that you’ll loose weight faster than ever before, get that kick-ass body and feel better about yourself.  Some of them might be right, you’ll loose weight, get in better shape for a while, and feel better than you did before.  Life has a way of shifting and changing.  As soon as life becomes focused on other things besides counting calories, the seductive call of the elliptical machine or the symmetry of your glutes, your heart takes a tumble, you feel awful about not “keeping up” and BAM!  Your back to where you began.

That cycle can stop here.

In the persuit of better health, somehow our bodies become an enemy we have to fight, conquer and win over.  We are not taught to trust and respect our bodies, instead we are encouraged to trick them, deprive or exhaust ourselves in the name of health.

Welcome to a new paradigm way of living in your body!

What I do is not some hokey medicine show.  The techniques and guiding principles I use are rooted in the natural science of the body –  everyone can understand and relate to it.  There is no magic pill, powder, diet, ointment, or plan.  None of those things will serve you over the long term. You can fool your body for while, definitely trick your mind too!

You are a human being carrying with you ancient wisdom in every cell of your body.

It has all the tools required to function at it’s best, it sometimes just takes practice and support to listen, learn and trust.  You can make your own discoveries!

The bottom line is, health comes from the inside, out. Not the other way around!

Time is precious so I’ve got options for you!

Online coaching (private/group, live or recorded): this is the ultimate in self-care! Powerful support right from the comfort of your home or office!  Perfect for busy work and family schedules!

In-Person, Private Sessions: Nothing compares to an in-person connection!  Plus, Earth Moves is mobile for your convenience!

Exhilarating Classes!  I offer 3 Nia Classes per week in 3 locations in Hamilton, Ontario!  Don’t be shy, come and try!  Classes are drop-in so you won’t miss out!

Exclusive Workshops and Events!  These unique and experiencial workshops and events are fantastic opportunities to rejuvenate yourself, explore and truly connect body, mind and spirit!  Sacred Movement, The Body’s Way,  Science of Sensation just to name a few!

With this much flexibility, all you need to do declare sovereignty over your time and crown yourself #1.  It isn’t always easy, trust me, I know!

But we can get started! 

You can get to know me by connecting with over here on facebook and twitterFeel The Earth Move will fill you in on all the latest opportunities to connect, blog posts, tips, inspiration and so much more!



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